Me Drowning (EP)

by Gohj-ji

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The concept for this EP was to merge my influences of lofi indie rock and experimental ambient music to create a sound distinctive to my own. As always with my music, I want to free people of concern and give them the space to reflect. I really enjoyed recording my vocals for this EP, drowning them in reverb and delay to create a synth strings like sound. Most of the sounds you hear I designed using the plugins Massive and FM8.
Sit back, relax, and dream away folks!!


released June 20, 2016

Fully composed and mixed by Gohji-ji (navin sahjpaul)
Mastered by Joshua Mattson



all rights reserved


Gohj-ji Vancouver, British Columbia

In 100 years from reading this, the vast majority of human beings will be dead.
Together we experience / together we part.
Initially scary, infinitely beautiful.

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Track Name: Me Drowning Part 2
Drowning in you
I saw you in my dream, you were right next me
Drowning with you
I wish that you were real, I wish that I could feel

You never had a chance
Always escaping past
The scars you put to sleep
Woke up and buried you
Track Name: Me Drowning Part 3
Saw you, standing there
You caught me, in a stare
When you're near, I feel at home
When you're close, I'm not alone

When you're with me, I feel at home
When you're with me, I'm not alone

I saw you standing there, you caught me in a stare
Your love is all I need, come and dance with me
Track Name: Me Drowning Part 4
I need to leave my home, it reminds me of you
How you cried, how alone you were
I saw you in my dream, you were standing right next to me
I wish that it was real, I wish that I could feel
I'm so numb, Ive never felt like this before

Drowning, Im drowning, Drowning with you